SUSANA MADRID shoes are innovative and beautifully made pieces with an exotic and exuberant flirt.

Each creation honors ethical work and the outstanding ‘made in Italy’ artistry. 

Creating Luxury Shoes, using top quality materials while seeking sustainable and socially committed processes that empower Women, the community and the planet.

We are reinventing “basics” by offering flats, mid-heels, and high heels to salute a broad age range; always lifting their spirits through striking and conscious designs.


Susana Madrid Purpose

We want women to feel beyond confident in our shoes and accessories.

We want to empower, inspire and motivate women through our innovative and beautifully conscious designs. 

We want to honor and applaud honest and impeccable craftsmanship, whilst using top-quality materials.

We want to celebrate women by giving them our shoes as brushes to paint and write their own story; making a mindful statement of who they are and what they stand for.